I decided to study English because I always regretted not studying when I was younger. I was nervous when I first joined Hawaii Palms, but the teachers were so nice and made me feel comfortable. I really like the fact that Hawaii Palms offers many school activities, one of them being Yoga. I joined Yoga Wellness Class every Friday during my stay here. I practice yoga in Japan and I also take yoga classes in a studio in Honolulu, but doing park yoga under the blue sky is so comfortable and gives me happiness. Kayoko’s yoga suits me and Hawaii Palms gives me happiness. Thank you so much.

Iseko Nakamura

When I enrolled at Palms, I couldn’t speak English at all. In the beginning, I was so nervous, but my teacher was great, so it helped to ease my tension. Often times, Japanese people are not good at comprehending English, but I was able to overcome that weakness. The atmosphere of the school is so nice, and I liked the fact that we get along with teachers and classmates right away.

9 Week Intensive Course

I studied in English Intensive for 3 months. It was a fun learning environment, so, it didn’t take time to get along with my classmates and teachers. This time of my stay, I chose to study in Elective classes. I’m glad that I’m gaining more vocabulary word, expressions as I enjoy taking classes. Through joining fun school activities, it gives opportunities to make friends even they are in a different class. To me, Hawaii Palms English School is a precious family – ohana, and broadened my world.

12 Week Intensive Course

I love this school, all the employees are so nice! And during my 3 weeks I have learned a lot. This school is like a big family and I think it’s very important to learn English. If I could I will absolutely come back!

3 Week Intensive

Big “Mahalo” to my teacher, classmates and all the other person I met at school for the amazing time we spent together! I recommend this school without a doubt!

Thank you, grazie, mahalo!

Riva Del Garda, Italy

Hawaii Palms Yoga was the most relaxing yoga that I’ve ever experienced. Our instructor brought us under a beautiful tree, in a park, right next to the beach. While we were doing our movements & stretches, you could hear the waves on the shore and Hawaiian birds in the nearby trees. We did yoga at the best time; it was cool enough to feel the Pacific Ocean breeze, but warm enough to be at the most ideal temperature. I would do this class again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Hawaii Palms Yoga!

Jenna Robar

Hawaii Palms English School was my first school I went to study in Hawaii. I was nervous at first, but teachers were always helping students to understand by drawing pictures, playing a game. Also school offers fun activities such as BBQ, BYOB, YOGA. Even if you are shy person, you get along with everyone very quickly here. I especially liked the lesson which students go out with group, follow the direction, then compete with other groups. I was nervous to talk to strangers on the street, but it was lots of fun. The time I spent in Hawaii was not only improved my English, but I was able to meet many people, and it really was a precious great experience.

Thank you so much!

9 Week Intensive Course

Soon after registering at Palms, I regretted my decision – I wondered if I would be able to do it or not. But unexpectedly, when I finished the first day, I found how exciting it is here! So now my regret is that I didn’t come to Palms earlier. Although it’s not easy to study hard for me, I enjoyed my school days very much. I wish I could be back and join this school again. I thank all of Palms so much!!


If I didn’t go to this school, I would just have memories of playing hard. I am grateful I had nice classmates, teachers and staff in the school. Plus, I had a great time with my daughter. I really appreciate everyone whom I met.

Tokyo, Japan