Takeshi Mitsuya

COO, Owner

Affectionately known as Tak by teachers, students, and staff, he has been the owner and president of Hawaii Palms English School since 2008. Tak was born in Tokyo, Japan, and made his wish come true by moving to Hawaii in 2005.
“I get a lot of joy from supporting and encouraging students who want to study English in Hawaii. I think English  is a global language which can be used to open up a new opportunities, and Hawaii, with its rich cultural mix, is the perfect place to learn English. At Hawaii Palms, we offer an environment for students to learn English as well as enjoy their stay in Hawaii.” Tak likes soccer,  golf, cooking, and finding new places to eat in town. Once a month, Tak hosts our school BBQ. He has a Hawaii state real-estate license, has managed restaurants in Hawaii, and consults students who wish to start a new business or move to Hawaii.